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Bremen Holy Walk

December 6-7, 2024

Walk-ins welcome until 9PM 

Friday, 6th, 6–9PM

Saturday, 7th, 5–9PM*

*5–6PM on Sat. is Children's Hour;

reservations required for Children's Hour

Bremen High School

511 West Grant Street

Bremen, Indiana 46506 


Take a journey of love back to Bethlehem—back to the very first Christmas.

The Bremen Holy Walk is a reenactment of God’s Holy Night, the night Jesus Christ was born. No specific denomination will be promoted at this event, and all are invited to share in the joy of Christ’s birth, the peace of knowing Jesus, and the promise of eternal life.



Children's Hour

Do you have children in grade 5 or below?

On Saturday, December 7, from 5–6PM, the Bremen Holy Walk will be geared for kids.

If you are concerned about scary Roman soldiers for your little one or being out too late, please consider bringing your kids during our Children's Hour from 5–6PM on Saturday. 

Reserve a time on Saturday between 5 and 6 by clicking on the Guest Reservation button at the top of this page. 

Consider getting a group together of kids or families with littles for Children's Hour.

Biblical Foundation

The Bremen Holy Walk follows the recorded events in Luke 1–2 and Matthew 2 of the Bible.



It all started when Bob and Regina Huff were called to share the true meaning of Christmas during Sunday school. The class created a Holy Walk in a small area of the Huff Farmstead and over 400 people attended the first year.


The Holy Walk was moved to Jim Huff’s Farm; attendance doubled to over 800. Later years attendance reached over 9,000 people in a three-night performance.  The Bremen Holy Walk has become a Christian community event, with numerous churches represented.



 The Bremen Holy Walk became a non-profit organization.


 The site was moved to Dave Rader’s Farm.


The site changed again to its current location, at Shumaker Westside Park.


The local Christian Community prepares for its 44th Holy Walk. 

Biblical Foundatio
Children's Hour
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