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Visitor Information
Your Journey to Bethlehem begins!


This is a one hour outdoor event with a possible 1-2 hour wait in the gym. Please layer and dress warm, consider bringing the whole family, friends, snacks, water, books and games!


While this event is free, pre-registration is closed;  walk-ins will also be warmly welcomed. Availability on the nights of the event will be on a first come, first served basis.


Bremen, Indiana is a lovely community.  Many guests like to have dinner at a local restaurant or in the surrounding areas 5 to 40 minutes away.

What to Expect
Local Eats and Lodging


  1. The Holy Walk starts in the Bremen High School, you will be shuttled to the Bethlehem Site.

  2. Parking is available at the school on Grant Street, overflow is on Marshall Street.

  3. Please dress warm (layers, boots, gloves, hat, etc.) for an outside event in December.

  4. The journey is 1 hour, wait time in the gym may be 1 to 2 hours, maybe more. 

  5. Bethlehem is not wheelchair accessible or baby stroller friendly.

  6. Food is not provided at the school, feel free to visit one of our local restaurants during your wait.  You can have food delivered to the school or bring your own.  

  7. There is access to snack bar concessions. 

  8. Music and video entertainment is provided in the gym.

  9. Cookies and hot chocolate are provided at the end of the tour.

  10. Free-will donations can be made at the Hospitality tent or online, click  Support $.

  11. No vendors, please.

What to Expect Continued


A Journey of Love

One cold, starlit night, 400 people visited the first “Holy Walk.” After reading an
article about a farm doing a live nativity, I felt led by the Spirit to do something similar. I presented the idea to our Sunday School class and we decided to do more. Using Luke’s Gospel, we wanted it to be like that first Christmas. It would be a journey,
a journey of love.

-Bob Huff


Community Effort

"The Bremen Holy Walk is a special time of the year bringing the whole community together to share the true meaning of Christmas. It is neat to see how God brings everyone together to share the wonderful message of His love and forgiveness of all our sins.  -Mike Haag

Sharing the Journey

"After attending my first Holy Walk, I wanted to be a part of this miraculous event.  For over 30 years I have been a costumed volunteer with my favorite being a guide that takes my family to Bethlehem.  And we find Jesus!  What a blessing to share the greatest LOVE story ever told.

-Mary Grebe

Years of Memories

"The Bremen Holy Walk offers such a unique holiday experience as well as memories for all ages.  To me, it serves as a living breathing representation of my journey through life as a Christian, but also as a member of a loving family both spiritually and physically.  My family and I still have the keepsakes that we saved from Holy Walks over 30 years ago."

-Brian Teall


Believing is New Life

"The 40th Bremen Holy Walk is an opportunity to show our faith to the world.  I love the song, 'We Believe.'  It states 'We believe in God the Father and Jesus Christ, His son.  We believe in the Resurrection and He's given us new life.'  That new life is Heaven and eternity. 

I Believe!"

-Ernie Yockey


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