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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Date and time? The Bremen Holy Walk will take place on Friday, December 6th, 6-9PM & Saturday, December 7th, 5-9PM (5-6PM is Children's Hour).


Cost? There is no cost to attend the Bremen Holy Walk; however, donations are accepted. There is an opportunity to donate at the end of your journey or you can donate online.


Door opening time? On Friday, December 6th doors open at 5:00PM at the Bremen High School; on Saturday, December 7th, doors open at 4:00PM.


Can we get in early? No.


How long does it take? Wait time in the gym varies, especially for walk-ins. All walk-ins will receive an approximate reservation time. Once the journey begins, you will be outside for approximately 1 hour.


Door closing time? 9PM


Recommended kids' age? Children of all ages are welcome; there is a special Children’s Hour on Saturday, December 7th from 5-6PM.


Can we bring a stroller? Fold-up strollers are ok, but not ideal.


What to bring? Dress warm; this is an outdoor journey. Wear warm footwear, hat, gloves, etc.


What is walking path like? Is it wheelchair accessible? It is a uneven, unpaved path, with some incline. It is not wheelchair accessible.


Bathrooms along the walk? There are restrooms at the high school; at the Holy Walk site, there are port-o-potties.


Reservations Questions


Can I make reservations without using the website?  No; however, walk-ins are still accepted.



Can one person walk-in and make a reservation the day of and make a reservation for the rest of their group? Yes. 


Volunteer Questions


How do I volunteer? Click the following link: Volunteer


Can I volunteer for one night only? Yes; however, if you are able to volunteer for both night, that would be greatly appreciated.

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